Bioinformatics Core

Director: Jennifer Labus, PhD (
Bioinformatician: Swapna Joshi, PhD (

The Bioinformatics Core offers a standardized pipeline for the analysis of 16S rRNA data generated by the Microbiome Core. This includes alpha diversity, beta diversity, principal coordinates analysis, and differential abundance testing. The Bioinformatics Core will arrange one hour consultations with a bioinformatician to review the results.

Custom data analyses can be performed on a collaborative basis with individual bioinformaticians in the core. The following methods may be employed:

  • Differential taxa abundance in multivariate models
  • Microbial co-occurrence networks
  • Microbial modules
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Unsupervised classification
  • Supervised classification
  • Predicted metagenomics
  • Multi’omics integration
  • Pathway analysis
  • Bipartite and tripartite networks
  • Procrustes superimposition of datasets