Adam Stieg, PhD

Associate Director, California NanoSystems Institute; Research Scientist, California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA
Work California NanoSystems Institute 570 Westwood Plaza, Bldg 114 Los Angeles CA 90095 Work Phone: (310) 206-2902
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Dr. Adam Z. Stieg currently serves as the Associate Director of Shared Resources, Scientific Director of the Nano and Pico Characterization Core Facility and Interim Technical Director of the Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI). He also serves as the Director of the Sci|Art NanoLab. Dr. Stieg earned his B.S. with honors in Chemistry from Drew University and both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry from UCLA. He is a member of the CNSI Executive and Education Committees. As a scientist and educator, Dr. Stieg continues to focus on the development of integrated approaches to study material systems at the interface of traditional boundaries. Through the implementation of original experimental techniques, with a specialized focus in multi-environment, high-performance scanning probe microscopes, his research seeks to bridge the gap between our current understanding of nanomaterials and their fundamental properties with how these systems tend toward complexity at increased scales of space and time. Numerous ongoing, collaborative efforts involve the study of molecular machines, nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery, inorganic carbon-based materials, directed stem cell differentiation and the pursuit of physically intelligent systems through neuromorphic computation. His research activities are augmented by active collaboration with artists and designers on various projects, installations, and public exhibitions that directly inform the scientific process and provide motivation to develop new educational content that conveys the need for creativity in innovation.

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