Nandita Garud, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
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Dr. Nandita Garud is an assistant professor in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA where she leads a computational group studying how bacteria in the human microbiome evolve. In recent work, Garud and her collaborators have quantified the evolutionary dynamics of roughly 40 prevalent species of gut bacteria. They have found that gut bacteria can evolve in healthy humans on six-month time scales, but that over our lifetimes, the bacteria inside us are completely replaced. These results suggest that gut bacteria can evolve on time scales relevant to our health, but that they do not become so personalized that they cannot be replaced. Inspired by this work, the Garud lab continues to probe the mode and tempo of evolution in the gut microbiome using a population genetics framework.

Relevant Recent Publications

  • Garud NR*, Good BH*, Hallatschek O, and Pollard KS. “Evolutionary dynamics of bacteria in the gut microbiome within and across hosts.” PLoS Biology (2019). *equal contributors.
  • Garud NR, Messer P, Buzbas E, and Petrov D. “Soft selective sweeps are the primary mode of adaptation in Drosophila.” PLoS Genetics 11: e1005004 (2015).
  • Garud NR and Petrov DA. “Elevated linkage disequilibrium and signatures of soft sweeps are common in Drosophila melanogaster.” Genetics (2016).
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