December 16, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
CNSI, 5th Floor Presentation Space


RSVP to cnsievents@cnsi.ucla.edu

Please join us for a CNSI Microbiome Lunch Panel & Discussion on Wednesday, December 16th! This meeting will be first of a series centered on microbiome applications as well as key technologies + tools development. Panelists will share their current research and interests with the goal of establishing a collaborative dialogue between those already working in this area, and those interested in learning more.

Lightening presentations will be provided over lunch, with discussion to follow. The format is casual, and we encourage you to invite any colleagues who may gain from this exchange.


  • Laurent Bentolila, PhD – Scientific Director, UCLA CNSI Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Lab & Macro-Scale Imaging Lab
  • Elaine Hsiao, PhD – Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology, Medicine, Digestive Diseases; Visiting Faculty, Caltech Biology & Biological Engineering
  • Sri Kosuri, PhD – Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Huiying Li, PhD – Assistant Professor, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology; Faculty, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
  • Jake Lusis, PhD – Professor, Medicine, Cardiology, Human Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
  • Shaily Mahendra, PhD – Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Aydogan Ozcan, PhD – Chancellor’s Professor, Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering; HHMI Professor, Associate Director, UCLA CNSI
  • Wen Shi, PhD – Professor, School of Dentistry; Chair of the Section of Oral Biology


CNSI Microbiome Lunch Panel & Discussion